30 June 2015

San Francisco Pride

Squid hats!
San Francisco was a sea of rainbows on Sunday. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many LGBT people in one place, let alone people period. There were flags on street poles, flags in the parade, flags in the crowd and visible gestures of happy pride from San Francisco businesses. There were even rainbow squid hats!

Over a million people were estimated to have attended the pride festivities this weekend. The parade lasted for some six hours. Civic Center was closed off for blocks and large crowds listened to music on several stages. Most of the day was celebratory and peaceful. Given a gathering of that magnitude (and that it was pride in San Francisco), there were also a few obligatory nude folks (it’s almost never the people one wants to see naked that are the self-appointed exhibitioners, right?), and a few other annoyances like excessive trash on the streets.

Some photos: 

Panorama of parade attendees along Market Street.
Jim Obergefell, who was the lead plaintiff in last week's Supreme Court case.
Civic Center
Many welcome signs.
Steve Grand performing at the main stage at Civic Center.
The Apple contingent in the parade They must have had 5000 marchers. It went on forever.
Happy pride!

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