This blog deals with a lot of serious topics: coming out, gay marriage, homosexuality and Mormonism, and mixed orientation marriage. But I enjoy humor and satire too, so I've created this page to share some links to the more humorous side of topics that I write about. Check back here from time to time since I'll add things as I find them.

- Jimmie Kimmel expains why gay marriage will lead to the end of the world.

- (Almost) naked French towel dance

- The Onion shares a map of nation-wide opinions about same-sex marriage.

- At a press conference in support of marriage equality in Minnesota, the young child of a gay dad plays with the microphone and is ready for dad to stop talking.

- (Closeted) gay visitors to the London Olympic games jam up the gay social media app Grindr. If you go by who was out, there were only about a dozen gay Olympians in London...umm hum.

- The Mormon Tablernacle Enquirer is a satirical site with breaking Mormon "news" and analysis. I find a lot on this site to be hilarious. Here are a few very funny posts: the Chic-Fil-A controversy; the vegetarian teen; a guide to Mormon Sunday School classes; and Satan and chocolate.

- This is a funny blog entitled "gay guy/straight guy".

- One of my favorite gay Mormon bloggers is Original Mohomie. I have not yet met him in person, but someday... Here are some of his funnier posts on manscaping, an encounter at the bank, and how to spot a gay Mormon.

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  1. Wow, I'm really glad that you enjoy the Mormon Tabernacle Enquirer! I love contributing to it. If you ever have a contribution or an idea, let me know! The tension between Mormonism and homosexuality, or, better put, the tension between Mormonism and just about everything is perfect for satire. Thanks for the links!