One of the aspects about coming out that has been most enjoyable for me is to read and listen to the stories of other LGBT people. We come from vastly different backgrounds and are on different journeys. We are outgoing and shy, athletic and bookish, artistic and empirical, young and old. But in many of our stories, there are common themes of rejection and acceptance, heartache and love, and confusion and growth. Coming out has opened up a new world to me, not only in terms of accepting myself, but in connecting with others. Here are a few stories and perspectives that have touched me. Some are true stories, some are fictional and some are unknown. Enjoy!

20 Nov 2015. After years of family rejection, gay Mormon man's once devout sister chooses her family over her Church.

13 January 2014. This is a very sweet video about the recent marriage of a gay couple who have been in a relationship for nearly 50 years.

22 September 2013. A tender letter from the future to a young bisexual girl.

21 April 2013. This is an excellent short film about a teenager coming to terms with being in love with his best friend.

15 December 2012. In this video published by the Family Acceptance Project, the parents of a gay youth talk about their child's coming out and their own evolution to become supporters of their son and other gay youth in their community.

14 October 2012. In this beautiful essay, the daughter of a gay married man in a long-term mixed orientation marriage shares her experience learning that her father is gay and the implications that has for her understanding of her family.

13 July 2012. Brother Kloosterman, a former LDS bishop, shares his transformation into an LGBT ally in The Advocate.

16 June 2012. Essays by straight LDS women married to gay men. The Feminist Mormon Housewives blog is hosting a number of guest bloggers who share their experiences in a mixed orientation marriage. For example, see Sarah, Vicki, Amy, and an anonymous writer.

28 April 2012. Essay. Jorge Lockward shares his experiences growing up in a strongly religious home and how he has watched the Methodist Church grapple with full inclusion of gay people in its community.

11 April 2012. Gabriel Arana recounts his experience with ex-gay therapy as a teenager and speaks with the aging researcher, Robert Spitzer, who published a paper a decade ago suggesting that sexual change therapy could be effective for some people with "unwanted" homosexuality. Spitzer admits that he desires a retraction of his study.

8 April 2012. Podcast: A Mormon Stories Podcast about J. Seth Anderson and His Family

7 April 2012. Video: It Gets Better, BYU.  Past and present BYU students talk about their experiences with being gay and Mormon.


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