Welcome to my page of facts. My aim here is to point the reader to some of the peer-reviewed research (or summaries thereof) that address questions about homosexuality. With better access to the kinds of information below, individuals can draw their own conclusions about topics related to homosexuality.

These topics are vast, so I cannot be comprehensive in my treatment below. Much of the research below breaks apart the more damaging stereotypes about gay persons. I also include information that, in some cases, may shed unfavorable light the larger LGB population. It is important to remember that most research addresses populations of people, not individuals. Since human beings are complex organisms, there will always be exceptions to general patterns and there will always be variation around the mean.

This page is still in its early stage and will be updated and expanded periodically.

What causes homosexuality?

- Bogaert. 2006. Biological versus nonbiological older brothers and men’s sexual orientation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 103:10771-10774.

- Kendler et al. 2000. Sexual orientation in a US National Sample of twin and nontwin sibling pairs. American Journal of Psychiatry 157:1843-6.

Is homosexuality natural?

- Bailey and Zuk. 2009. Same-sex sexual behavior and evolution. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 24:429-446.

- Neill, J. 2009. The Origins and Role of Same-Sex Relationships in Human Societies. McFarland & Co, Inc. 470pp.

Is homosexuality a mental illness?

- Dr. Herek, G.M. Facts about homosexuality and mental health.

- 1997 American Psychological Association statement

Can a gay person become straight?

- Mock and Eibach. 2011. Stability and change in sexual orientation identity over a 10-year period in adulthood. Archives of Sexual Behavior

- Kinnish et al. 2005. Sex differences in the flexibility of sexual orientation: a multi-dimensional retrospective assessment. Archives of Sexual Behavior 34:173-183.

- American Psychiatric Association position on reparative therapy.

Gay and lesbian relationships

- A survey of gay and straight dating and mating habits by OK Cupid.

- American Psychological Association statement on gay relationships and gay marriage

Issues in mixed orientation marriages

- Coleman, E. 1985. Integration of male bisexuality and marriage. Journal of Homosexuality 11:189-207.

- Higgins, D.J. 2004. Differences between previously married and never married ‘gay’ men: family background, childhood experiences and current attitudes. Journal of Homosexuality 48:19-41.

- Matteson, D.R. 1985. Bisexual men in marriage: is a positive homosexual identity and stable marriage possible? Journal of Homosexuality 11:149-171.

LGBT experiences in conservative religious traditions

- A summary of research on gay Mormons conducted by a team from BYU and Utah State University.

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