19 June 2012

Portland pride

On Sunday, I attended only my second pride event. It was a parade in downtown Portland. And…I not only attended, but marched in the parade as well. My friend Jon (who blogs here) and another person invited me to march with other Latter-day Saints under the auspices of the Mormons for Marriage group. I was hesitant for a while because I consider myself pretty distant from the Church lately, but our group actually ended up being a mix of (probably) mostly straight Mormons in more Church-like dress and some gay (ex)Mormons. I just dressed casually and waved a rainbow flag.

The crowd was generally very welcoming and cheered our group of a few dozen marchers. The cheers were properly for the brave LDS folks supporting us gays, but once in the parade you have to smile and march. There were a variety of expressions from the crowd – a few tears, smiles and, I’m sure, some looks of incredulity. The straight allies who marched in our group really deserve kudos for having the courage to support same-sex marriage publicly, or at least to show their love and support to LGBT people if they personally don’t support gay marriage.

This is a picture of the banner that led our group.
This was one of the best signs by far and received audible comments from the crowd.

Here is a short video I took as we marched (evidently, I am not so good multi-tasking):


  1. I want to see the other pictures you took!

  2. great write up. more pix please!

  3. Wow, Chris, I wish I'd had the chance to meet you at the parade! It sounds like we'd have a lot to talk about... I'm a scientist too--I do computational cancer genomics at OHSU. I'm straight, but I marched for Marriage Equality in the Pride parade, and I was on Google hoping to find a pic of me with my sign. Lots of pics of me from the back, but not the front. Bummer. ;) I'm the one with the white shirt and blue skirt, wearing one of Sara's rainbow cowboy hats. Are you on Facebook? If so, will you friend me? I'd love to hang out sometime. Jon H knows me--he can vouch for me that I'm not a crazy (I hope). ;) Look for Suzi Fei on his friend list...